mirror wall paneling

Wall Paneling: Add Character to Your Walls

Are you bored of just painting your walls? Do you want to add some character to you walls? Then wall paneling is the best option for you.

Make your accent walls look beautiful by adding these wall panels as it can change the entire look of your house. The beauty of wall paneling is that it can make any space look stunning. The warm intrigue of wood makes it an ideal choice for Business setups and even Residential spaces. It will give any office space a sophisticated vibe. In case you want to add the charm of  wall paneling to your living room, bedroom or outdoor spaces, we have a few ideas. They have changed the plain looking interior walls into stunning interior spaces.

Mirror wall paneling

How can we forget mirrors? They can brighten up the room by reflecting the light. Mirrors can offer the deception of more space. Thus, if the room is little, this will help extend the room outwardly. Using mirrors is one of the natural and effective ways of interior decoration. It is a great way to fill up your accent wall in the living room.

mirror wall paneling
Mirror wall paneling in a Living room
Mirror wall paneling
Mirror wall paneling in the Dining area

Rustic Wood Paneling

Wooden wall paneling gives your home a warm natural feel. If you are a countryside lover, then the wood wall paneling will give the decor a good rustic and natural vibe. These wood panels can be given a splash of paint to make it look like a modern rustic home.

Wooden wall paneling
Wooden wall Paneling in a Bedroom
Wooden wall paneling
Wooden wall paneling for your bedroom

Modern Wall Paneling

If you want a stylish and modern type of wall paneling then these are the one you can choose. These modern wall paneling options are classy, royal and looks beautiful. They can be painted to match the color aesthetics of the room.

Modern wall paneling
Modern wall paneling in a Bedroom with rustic furniture
Modern wall paneling
Modern wall paneling
French style modern wall paneling

Here are few more ways how you can accentuate your walls:

Stone Cladding 

Stonewall panel gives a good Rustic vibe to your house. It gives an earthen feel to the space making you feel like its a countryside house. It can be used in the living room and bedroom accent walls. The stonewall paneling can be done using different shades and patterns of stones.You can choose the style that can blend well within your space

wall paneling in bangalore
Stone Cladding for an accent wall in the Bedroom
stone wall paneling
Natural stones on the wall

Brick Wall Paneling

You can make a brick wall paneling if you love the look and feel of the bricks. When it comes to interiors, exposed brick walls can add  a good texture, warmth and personality to your space. To enhance the look even more, you can paint it to add that extra charm.

brick wall paneling
Brick wall paneling in the Living room