Oven Bonbons – Dream Transformation Of a Baking Studio

Ovenbonbons is a baking studio started by culinary artist Nischitha Tejas with a vision to share her vast knowledge on science of baking to passionate bakers who wants to hone their baking skills or start a career in this segment

She dedicated a part of her independent house to be converted into a baking studio where she could conduct her workshops. She wanted the ambiance to be colorful and intriguing that would keep the interest of the people who visit her for workshops. Here is how the space looked before the makeover.

The client needed enough storage for the baking equipments, large oven, refrigerator, dish washer and food items related to baking. We also had to accommodate comfortable seating for her students in the reception area and also  a TV unit for presentations and video demos.

Transforming a 500 sq. ft. area into a ravishing baking studio was quite a challenge with a lot of requirements to be done in a limited space. But we love challenges because that is when a lot of creativity comes in.

We started of by deciding the theme of the baking studio. Since the client wanted the baking studio to look very earthy & warm yet colorful, we decided to go with a vintage theme with a pop of color.

We started off with the reception area.The logo of Oven Bonbons has a color combination of white, blue & pink, so we wanted to incorporate this color scheme for the baking studio. White being the dominant color with a pop of blue & pink and hints of rustic wood textures to complement the vintage theme.

We made brick wall paneling painted white in the reception area. The lights used here adds an extra charm to the space. We also made some fun seating here by adding a patio set and pouffes which also matches the color scheme.

We made these interesting chalk board & pin boards on one side of the reception area to keep all the handy stuffs in one place all organised and also to display some fun stuff.

This is the most interesting part of the place. This wall was fully re-imagined. It was just a simple wall before. We had to do a lot of civil work to fix these windows. From the arched doors to the windows everything was handpicked, repainted them and used them in a very creative way. We made a white textured wall here and placed many window grills asymmetrically which allowed a lot of light to pass through. This was a totally different approach to create an accent wall.

This is the baking area. The table has the capacity to fit in 9 chairs with in-built writing slide outs and the storage to keep all her utensils in it. The table was painted in teal and pink chairs to match the table.

We also gave her a lot of storage to accommodate all her, baking trays, equipment, large oven, refrigerator, and food items related to baking. This storage area was made completely rustic to add charm to the vintage theme.

The washing and baking area has been given a dramatic look with splashes of red and black. We wanted this area to have a pop of color with a contrast of dark colors like red. Dark colors were chosen so that it lifts up the brightness of the other areas as well.

We made a countryside style rustic sink and mirrors. In order to hide the door, we made an interesting painting on the door itself which complements the red brick wall.

Some quirky chalkboards and accessories to beautify the place.

It’s incredible how we designed the small space and also met all her functional requirements. Here is what Nischitha had to say about the makeover.

Here is the video of the makeover journey.