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vintage style interiors

Creative Interiors

Creativity has no rules and we love breaking rules when it comes to designing spaces. It’s a different level of madness as each time we start a new project, it opens a pandora of excitement, thrill! We love experimenting and we help people in exploring new possibilities and vast grounds of being imaginative in their own part. It’s like an inventive journey where the designing challenges are subdued by the collaborative presence of the client.

bespoke furniture

Bespoke Furniture

You are unique, so are your requirements. Here in BTRS we intend to deliver that you long for. Furniture that suits you the best and made according to the design requirements you provide, because in the end it’s not just a piece of wood but a part of your dream that you always meant to live in. We design the furniture that perfectly matches your room in your favourite style.

outdoor wall planters

Outdoor Designs

As interiors of the house are important, so is to revive the outdoors. Outdoor furnishing is all about giving meaning to space that is always left out undone due to lack of ideas. Now is the time to play with your imagination with us and give your space a feel of a different realm.


  • Meet & Understand
  • Collaborate & Conceptualise
  • Detailed Specification
  • Execution and closure

This is the beginning to understand each other. We love showcasing our work and talk about our project stories. We love listening to you, your requirements, your lifestyle and how would you like your dream home to be. The more you elaborate, the more we perceive and this is what helps us to get to the design that suits you and your style the best.

You’re unique and your house should reflect that. This is the phase where we collaborate with you to talk in-depth about the plethora of design options, color scheme, and very specific functional requirements. We then get back to our design board to design the space as per design discussions and requirements. 3D images of the project concept are then prepared and presented.

Detailed 2D elevation is given post 3D rendering of concept. This helps you envision your space with exact size and material details.

This is the most exciting phase as designs begin coming to life. Our team comes in full swing to put things together. The imagination takes its form step by step. The feeling of giving the dream a life is something very special for the clients as well for us too. As it’s a formidable path of bringing all the requirements and aesthetics to the same ground that we walk all together with collaborative enthusiasm from both the sides.